Cause Selection Process

Selection Committee
The Causes will be selected by a Selection Committee which will consist of at least two (2)
Advisory Board members, 2 current Executive Board members, and two (2) members in good
standing. The Selections Committee shall not consist of more than ten (10) members; in addition,
the Selection Committee shall not have any Cause Champions as members. The members of the
Selection Committee shall select the chair and submit the name for approval to the Executive
Board. The Chair of the Cause Selection Committee will become the administrator of the Cause
Selection process to ensure a fair and transparent selection.

Selection of Causes
The announcement of “accepting grant applications” will begin on April 1 of each year. The
deadline for submission of Grant Applications will be May 15 of each year. The
announcement of the selection of the Causes will be at the June Connect (business meeting) of
each year. For 2024, the deadline for submission of Grant Applications has been extended to May 30th.

The allocation of the proceeds to the causes will be proposed by the committee and submitted to
the BWFC Board for approval no later than June 1 of each year.

Cause Guidelines
To be considered for a BWFC Grant, these are the requirements:
● The organization must be registered and approved 501c3 with the IRS.
● The organization must be headquartered in Fayette County or Coweta County, GA
The organization must submit the following:
● Annual Registration and state solicitation form
● Last Tax Filing
● A list of grant dollars received by other organizations
● A detailed Project Description and Budget for the Project and/or operations budget
● The organization is required to provide support at our fundraising events
● The organization is required to market the fundraising effort to their contacts through
email and social media.

● Organizations submitting an application must have a BWFC member in good standing to
to serve on the fundraising committee and willing champion their cause
● The completed application must be submitted by the deadline. Any applications
submitted after the deadline date will not be considered.

Year-End Report:
● The recipients of the prior year Grants shall submit a year-end report detailing how the
funds were utilized and how they benefited the Cause. New applicants shall submit a
prior year-end (annual) report if available.

Fundraising Event Committee Chair and Event Committee Selection
The Executive Board will appoint a Fundraising Committee Chair each year on April 1. The
Fundraising Committee Chair will select a committee each year. Cause champions are required
to serve on the committee.

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