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The BWFC Membership includes some of the best and brightest women who live and work in Fayette and Coweta Counties.

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Patti Kadkhodaian – Lead Grow Rich

Patti Kadkhodaian Patti is a leadership strategist with her business, Lead Grow Rich. She enjoys the ability to offer life-changing, positive strategies that affect people’s lives, both professionally and personally. Patti is married to Frank Kadkhodaian. They have four adult sons: Armand, Justan, Artemis, & Kevan. When Patti has free time, she enjoys spending it with her family. She also enjoys spending time in the woods, walking on the path, learning, and writing. Patti believes her best quality is that she is an encourager. If Patti could choose your next book, it would be “Intentional Living” by John Maxwell.  She says that if you truly want to lead of life of significance, this is the book for you.

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Jamie Arion – Jamie Arion HealthyLife

Jamie ArionJamie has been sharing the health, wellness and fitness message for over 28 years. Through her business, Jamie Arion HealthyLife, she encourages her clients to take ownership of their health, motivates them and makes it simple to do. She coaches people on the nutritional side of wellness along with the fitness side – helping them put it all together into a HealthyLife. Jamie has systems in place so clients may take their workouts anywhere, whether that is at the gym, home, vacation, etc. Jamie says she is passionate about helping the world become healthier. Her mission is to inspire, empower and impact the world to a higher level of health thru nutrition, fitness, leadership, and education. Jamie is honored when someone invites her into their life and she is able to help them to reach their goals – whether that means ‘eating better’, losing weight, getting stronger and / or leaner. She LOVES when she is able to impact an entire family. Jamie starts with one family member and because it is a healthy way of life, the other family members lose weight or try new foods and begin to think differently. Jamie also loves to create memories with her husband of 30 years, Rod, and their grown son, Max. In her free time, Jamie enjoys kayaking, biking, hiking, and being active outdoors. If Jamie could pick your next book, it would be Chop wood carry water by Joshua Metcalf. It’s a quick read and a good reminder about how doing the simple foundational things consistently over time will allow your dreams to happen.

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Valerie McDaniel – Clearly Clean and Organized

Valerie McDaniel Valerie enjoys watching movies, doing craft projects and organizing in her free time. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends. Valerie and her husband of 5 years, Michael, have a combined family with 5 children and 2 grandbabies. What Valerie likes most about herself is her compassion. She said, “I feel God has dealt me with some hard times so that I might be a little less judgmental and little more understanding.”

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Helle Stampe – Insight Resource

Helle Stampe Helle helps companies assess the right candidates for the job. She helps companies with the right onboarding strategy to make the time, from contract signing to motivation, engagement and productivity as short and efficient as possible. Helle started her business in the US in July 2016, but she has worked with business- and life coaching in Denmark for 5 years. Before that she delivered sales training for 10 years. When asked what she likes most about her work, Helle replied, “I LOVE working with people, I love helping managers and employees find the resources and strengths, to live their full potential to find motivation and engagement. All change comes from within and as soon as we try understanding where others come from and focus on helping people around us grow and thrive we will succeed in life and in business. It is all about people.” Helle is married to Carsten and they live in Peachtree City. She also has 2 grown children and a grandson still living in Denmark. In her free time, Helle loves working with her hands. She fixes up old furniture and paints. She also loves cooking and baking. Helle teaches Yoga and meditation. The thing Helle likes most about herself is that she is a good listener.

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Carmin Francisco

Carmin pixCarmin’s family is originally from Minnesota and Connecticut but transferred to the south in August of 2009.  As a designer with California Closets since 2007, she has been able to apply her strengths of persistence and individuality as she designs space to meet her clients needs.  As of yet she has not designed two closets that were the same in form or function and she has been able to help her clients obtain organization that reduces stress in their daily lives by using their products.  In her spare time, Carmin participates in a book club, loves to travel and explore places, and volunteers for her children’s activities to get to know their leaders and friends. Their children attend Bennett’s Mill Middle School and family has developed relationships in GA that have become their extended family.  Her dream is to retire comfortably in a nice warm town, especially since she had enough of cold winters up north and if she won a million dollars she would invest in her retirement, CA Closet Logothen splurge on some fun purchases and give the rest to worthy causes.

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