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The BWFC Membership includes some of the best and brightest women who live and work in Fayette and Coweta Counties.

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Alana Fulmer

Alana Fulmer Alana Fulmer has owned her own insurance agency for 7 years, and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. She really enjoys the way she’s able to help people in her business. Alana and her husband have been married for 17 years. They have a daughter, Trinity, who just turned 14 and starts high school next month. In her free time, Alana enjoys music, playing games, and jogging. Alana recently watched the movies Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2 and would heartily recommend them both!

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Andra Prowant

PAndra Prowant Andra has been a life and empowerment coach and Emotional Intelligence Specialist for 7 years, and recently completed her CADC-1 Addiction Counseling Course to be licensed in the State of Ga. She loves helping men and women break limits in their life, connect with their God given passions and purpose, and develop healthy relationship skills to be most effective and balanced in their personal and professional life. Andra has been married to her husband Dave for 15 years, and they are recently enjoying a new season of being empty nesters. Her son is now 21 and lives and works in Athens, and her daughter is 19 and just finished her freshman year at Kennesaw State University. Andra is a life long learner, and focuses on spiritual growth as well as mentoring others. She has always loved dancing, and is currently taking adult hip hop dance. Andra also enjoys working out and swimming. What Andra likes best about herself is that she is genuine and authentic.

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Kristin Melton

Kristin Melton Kristin’s relationship with Bloom began 8 years ago. She started as a volunteer, then served on the Board of Directors, and then was hired on 3 years ago as the Marketing Director. She’s now the Marketing & Development Director. Bloom is a nonprofit organization that provides supportive services for foster children in Georgia. The children are victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.
Kristin enjoys being creative for the Marketing part of her job, and working with the community for the Development aspect of her job. Overall, she loves sharing Bloom’s story with people and advocating for the foster children who have lost everything due to circumstances outside of their control. Kristin and her husband Michael, will be married for 6 years on July 3, 2017. They do not have children (only fur babies). They are very close with Michael’s parents, Ernee and Clyde Melton, who live in Peachtree City.

In her free time, Kristin writes a monthly fashion column for Fayette Woman magazine and works with her young horse, Gatsby, on strengthening their partnership in dressage (a style of riding), equine assisted therapy, and natural horsemanship. She actively pursues studying and practicing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning with different groups and populations in the community and she’s part of a Southside Church (bible study) small group. Kristin loves trying new restaurants and taking day trips to Atlanta.
What Kristin likes most about herself is her passion for learning.

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Patti Kadkhodaian – Lead Grow Rich

Patti Kadkhodaian Patti is a leadership strategist with her business, Lead Grow Rich. She enjoys the ability to offer life-changing, positive strategies that affect people’s lives, both professionally and personally. Patti is married to Frank Kadkhodaian. They have four adult sons: Armand, Justan, Artemis, & Kevan. When Patti has free time, she enjoys spending it with her family. She also enjoys spending time in the woods, walking on the path, learning, and writing. Patti believes her best quality is that she is an encourager. If Patti could choose your next book, it would be “Intentional Living” by John Maxwell.  She says that if you truly want to lead of life of significance, this is the book for you.

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Jamie Arion – Jamie Arion HealthyLife

Jamie ArionJamie has been sharing the health, wellness and fitness message for over 28 years. Through her business, Jamie Arion HealthyLife, she encourages her clients to take ownership of their health, motivates them and makes it simple to do. She coaches people on the nutritional side of wellness along with the fitness side – helping them put it all together into a HealthyLife. Jamie has systems in place so clients may take their workouts anywhere, whether that is at the gym, home, vacation, etc. Jamie says she is passionate about helping the world become healthier. Her mission is to inspire, empower and impact the world to a higher level of health thru nutrition, fitness, leadership, and education. Jamie is honored when someone invites her into their life and she is able to help them to reach their goals – whether that means ‘eating better’, losing weight, getting stronger and / or leaner. She LOVES when she is able to impact an entire family. Jamie starts with one family member and because it is a healthy way of life, the other family members lose weight or try new foods and begin to think differently. Jamie also loves to create memories with her husband of 30 years, Rod, and their grown son, Max. In her free time, Jamie enjoys kayaking, biking, hiking, and being active outdoors. If Jamie could pick your next book, it would be Chop wood carry water by Joshua Metcalf. It’s a quick read and a good reminder about how doing the simple foundational things consistently over time will allow your dreams to happen.

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Valerie McDaniel – Clearly Clean and Organized

Valerie McDaniel Valerie enjoys watching movies, doing craft projects and organizing in her free time. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends. Valerie and her husband of 5 years, Michael, have a combined family with 5 children and 2 grandbabies. What Valerie likes most about herself is her compassion. She said, “I feel God has dealt me with some hard times so that I might be a little less judgmental and little more understanding.”

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