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The BWFC Membership includes some of the best and brightest women who live and work in Fayette and Coweta Counties.

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Carmin Fransisco

Carmin pixCarmin’s family is originally from Minnesota and Connecticut but transferred to the south in August of 2009.  As a designer with California Closets since 2007, she has been able to apply her strengths of persistence and individuality as she designs space to meet her clients needs.  As of yet she has not designed two closets that were the same in form or function and she has been able to help her clients obtain organization that reduces stress in their daily lives by using their products.  In her spare time, Carmin participates in a book club, loves to travel and explore places, and volunteers for her children’s activities to get to know their leaders and friends. Their children attend Bennett’s Mill Middle School and family has developed relationships in GA that have become their extended family.  Her dream is to retire comfortably in a nice warm town, especially since she had enough of cold winters up north and if she won a million dollars she would invest in her retirement, CA Closet Logothen splurge on some fun purchases and give the rest to worthy causes.

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Paula Kozlowski

Paula is an independent Pampered Chef Team Leader and has just celebrated her one year anniversary with the team.  If she had one word to describe why she loves her job it would be FREEDOM.  She finds her job fun and there is no limit to what she can achieve. She loves interacting with so many amazing women in her community and she has the ability to set her own schedule allowing time for her exuberant family who keeps her on her toes!  Paula has been married to her husband for 14 years and they have 3 sons, ages 13, 12, and 2. She says cooking and feeding people make her happy and her ultimate dream is to open her own deli so if she had a million dollars she would invest part in the deli of her dreams.  The rest would go toward being financially free and also help abused children in a way that wouldpampered chef empower them throughout their lives.  Paula also enjoys reading but doesn’t find much time in her schedule to do it.

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Anne Finlon

Anne Finlon has been married to her husband Ken for over 32 years and they have two daughters.  She is an experienced Chief Financial Officer with almost 30 years in the healthcare business.  She has been an independent consultant since 2006 and loves her profession because it is very dynamic and continues to change.   Anne is a Gators fan and received a Master of Business Admin and Master of Health Admin from University of FL.  She says that her education has brought her the most success from a career perspective.  In her spare time Anne and her husband love to bike the back roads of Georgia and when she is not riding her bike she loves to ride horses.  In fact, her ultimate dream is to own a farm with horse pastures.  When asked what she would do if she won a million dollars she said she would share with family and favorite charities, travel and buy the farm of her dreams.

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Teresa McPherson

Teresa is married and has a daughter and couldn’t ask for a closer family who respects and truly enjoys each others company.  Teresa has been a Certified Insurance Counselor for three decades and works at The Complete Insurance Source where she has been working with some of her clients for over 20 years.  She loves her profession because she makes a difference in people’s lives seeing herself like that of a physician listening, uncovering potential risks, and diagnosing a treatment plan to best fit the needs of her clients.  In the fall you can find Teresa and her family tailgating at the GA Tech football games and when it is warm outside they love to spend time outdoors especially at the beach.  Family is so important to Teresa that her ultimate dream is for them to be healthy, happy, and prosperous and never too busy to reach out to others in need.  If she had a million dollars she would give some to her church and also buy a house in Tybee like she had growing up and keep the tradition alive for future generations.

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Michelle Schwab

Michelle has been in children’s services for most of her career and just began working with the national organization, Macaroni Kid, just 6 months ago.  Macaroni Kid is an e-newsletter/website that conveniently lists all kid and family-friendly events for our local area servicing Peachtree City, Fayetteville, and Newnan, GA.  Michelle is able to keep her 2 elementary school children busy because she is “in the know” about what is going on around town and usually attend events with her.  She is also able to support and help other parents keep up with the activities through the newsletter and website.  Her husband is a finance director for a local city and is extremely supportive of her business.  Michelle says she always performs better when she feels good so much of her success in life has come from taking care of herself whether it is eating healthy or exercising. In her spare time she loves a variety of activities from gardening, to singing, dancing, reading, and even martial arts.  Michelle dreams of having more time to achieve all her dreams!  If she had a million dollars, she would invest a portion in macaroni kidher family’s future and going right along with her heart for children and family she would donate the rest to support a children’s cause.

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Carrie Runnels

Carrie Profile PicCarrie is the catering and marketing sales manager with Breaking Bread, a franchise of Panera Bread.  She enjoys building relationships with clients and partnering with their team to take the hassle of food delivery and catering off their “plates” so they can focus on their business presentations, and clients.  A twenty year resident of Peachtree City GA, Carrie and her husband have two teenage daughters and own Access-ABLE, a certified aging-in-place- renovation company geared toward helping seniors and those with disabilities to live as independently as possible in their homes.  Her family is involved with their church, especially youth activities, missions, and mentoring.  In her spare time, freelance writing gives her a creative outlet and running is her “Prozac.”  She feels she is living her dream even in the midst of a busy life because she gets to spend it with her husband and two daughters.  If Carrie and her husband had a million dollars they would keep 10% and give away 90%.  Although the challenge would be to keep that agreement, their experiences have helped them keep perspective of what is important in life.  Carrie says the task that brings her the most success is the balance of saying “yes” even when she doesn’t feel confident in her own abilities, and saying “no” to those things that do not line up with her long term goals.

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