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The 2nd Annual Red, White & Pink – A Great Success


My Chef Nancy and Staff

The Business Women of Fayette & Coweta is pleased to announce that their Second Annual Red, White & Pink Wine Tasting paired with Small Plates is a great success.  On Thursday April 14, the BWFC exceeded their goal of $15,000.00, which will assist the Women’s Support Group at Piedmont Fayette Cancer Wellness Center. BWFC would like to thank all the event’s sponsors and all who purchased tickets to the event which helped raise the funds to reach their goal.



The event was held once again at the Whitewater Creek Homeowners’ Clubhouse “The Redwine Room” in Fayetteville.  Music was provided by Capo3, wine pairings were prepared by Nancy Jaworski of My Chef Nancy and Frank Kadkhodaian of Golf Rider in Peachtree City donated the new golf cart that was raffled off during the evening’s festivities.

Kimberly Hight  won the golf cart in the raffle… however, she turned right around and donated the cart back to the BWFC so that it may be auctioned off for the charity. Paige Potter and her husband, Rick won the golf cart auction and with this final exchange of money – the BWFC actually exceed their original goal and cleared over $18,000.00 for the evening’s funds raised.

On behalf of Business Women of Fayette & Coweta, thanks to all of the people that helped make this worthwhile fundraising effort a huge success.

Sponsors for Red, White & Pink

Red Sponsor ($1000 +):

Golf Rider, Inc. …… Premiere Transportation……My Chef Nancy……Turner Design Concepts

White Sponsor ($500+):

The Complete Insurance Source.…..Mellow Mushroom……CAPO 3

Pink Sponsor ($250+):

Club Z In-Home Tutoring.…..Joni Smith – Mary Kay Consultant ……Excelpay ……Senior Helpers.…..Southern Federal Credit Union.….. TD Henry & Company ……Byrom Bio-Therapeace ……Integrated Recycling Solutions

In Kind Sponsors:

Crowne Plaza Hotel – Atlanta Airport ……AJAKO, Inc. …… Fayette Women Magazine ……Le Fleur Florist.…..Minuteman Press……Cutie Pies & Cakery…… Hoshizaki, Inc…….Fresh Market……Publix……Maguire’s Family and Friends Restaurant

Live Auction Items Donated by:

Leigh Ann Harris……My Chef Nancy……Tina Hendry……Radiation Oncologist, Geetha Rao, M.D.

A special thanks to all that supported this event and to the incredible volunteers.

Christmas Tea

Christmas Tea

O Christmas Tea & Mellow

Mushroom After Hours & Fundraiser 2010

The two events raised $5,300 plus 48 pillows for Community Welcome House!

Check out our photos of the O Christmas Tea event, hosted by Ellie White-Stevens, Marketing Guru and of the Mellow Mushroom fundraising event hosted by owner Vickey Utting.

BWFC Ladies of the RW&P: Joni Smith, Wendy Maguire, Margaret Shero, My Chef Nancy, Vicki Turner, and Patti Kadkhodaian

BWFC Ladies at the RW&P: Joni Smith, Wendy Maguire, Margaret Shero, My Chef Nancy, Vicki Turner, and Patti Kadkhodaian


red WHITE and Pink RBOW__final4

“I am so very thrilled that we have raised the $15,000 needed to make a difference in our community,” said Turner Design Concepts Vicki Turner, a community leader, a local artist, and

Kate Krause & Nancy Jaworski

Kate Krause and Nancy Jaworski

the chair of the Business Women of Fayette and Coweta Red, White and Pink event, held on Thursday, June 10, 2010.

Over one hundred tickets were sold for the wine tasting event with food pairings created and sponsored by My Chef Nancy.

Admission to the event included a chance to win a cherry red golf cart, donated by Golf Rider of Peachtree City. In a twist of fate, Michael Burnett the COO of Piedmont Fayette Hospital won the golf cart raffle. Immediately, Michael re-donated the golf cart, which was auctioned off by Ellie White-Stevens, Marketing Guru.

Before the event, Patti Kadkhodaian, co-founder of the BWFC and owner of AJAKO, who was also a generous in-kind donor, announced that the organization’s goal was to raise $15,000. “Because of the efforts of our volunteers and organizers,” she commented later,

Capo 3

Capo 3

“the BWFC is able to ensure that an entire year of women’s support groups is available to cancer survivors at no cost. I’m so proud to be a part of this group.”

Local band, CAPO 3 volunteered their talent to entertain and inspire for the evening’s festivities and for the enjoyment of all Red, White & Pink guests.

Giving back for a better community is the main goal of the BWFC.  Comprised of women-owned or operated businesses in Fayette and Coweta Counties, the BWFC supports local community causes each calendar year.

With a goal of providing hands-on opportunities to make a difference and improve the lives of others in our community, the BWFC has had a very successful year.

Cherry Red Golf Cart, compliments of Golf Rider

Cherry Red Golf Cart, compliments of Golf Rider


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Golf Rider, Inc. ….    Premier Transportation ….     My Chef Nancy …..   Turner Designs Concepts


It Can Be Arranged …..     Capo 3 ….    Maguire’s Family & Friends …..   Worth Multimedia


Mellow Mushroom ….    Joni Smith – Mary Kay Consultant ….    Senior Helpers


AJAKO, Inc. ….    Fayette Women Magazine ….    Cutie Pies & Cakery ….    Hoshisaki, Inc. ….    Ms. Wendy’s AntiquesPhoenix Wholesale Foodservice ….   Le Fleur Florist ….    Stan Moore Signs ….    Club Z Home Tutoring ….    Fayette County News




Thursday December 10, 2009

By: Ellie White-Stevens/Marketing Guru

There was a woman who needed a safe place to deliver her baby at Christmastime. She had to settle for a barn. And a trough to lay her newborn in. For women fleeing violent relationships in Coweta County, there is Community Welcome House.

CWH Director Linda Kirkpatrick shared, “Giving is down. We are dipping into reserves every month. We have a no interest mortgage, but it still costs about $1100 each month.”

As a safe haven, Community Welcome House is the only shelter of its kind in Coweta County. At an undisclosed location, Community Welcome House helps the victims of domestic violence and their children to stay safe and get on their feet.

In October, Linda Kirkpatrick addressed the Business Women of Fayette and Coweta at Maguire’s in Senoia.

As a direct result, member Ellie White-Stevens conceived a way to help bridge the gap this Christmas season. Ellie called Linda Rivers, Owner and Pastry Chef at Holly Cottage Tearoom in Newnan. Linda donated 16 tea services toward a tea event.

O Christmas Tea was held December 10 from 6-8 at Holly Cottage Tearoom, 8 Savannah Street in Newnan. This networking and fundraising event raised enough money to cover December’s mortgage for Community Welcome House, over $1100.

A full authentic English tea, including scones, petit fours, savory sandwiches and fresh fruit was served to the 18 women who attended. Some invitees, who were not able to attend, still donated, and several generous donors were present, including Martha Ann Parks of Panoply, fitness trainer Jenny Sciullo and Cheryl Whetstone of Futurestaff.

Amy Anderson event co-chair, while visiting the house, noticed an acute need for bath towels. Linda Kirkpatrick agreed. “When setting up their own homes, all moms need towels for themselves and their children. We usually try to let them take a set with them, but that means we are always running short.” Attendees at the tea are asked to bring bath towels with them. Over 15 sets were collected for the house.

Please consider donating, even if you were not able to attend the tea. This is a perfect way make Christmas last all year, providing room for the victims of domestic violence,” said Ellie White-Stevens.

photo-hairCARLOS SALON in Peachtree City opens their doors to changing the look of Domestic Violence.

The Community Welcome House of Newnan Georgia serves as a transitional facility which provides shelter for families of domestic violence. In addition to room and board, the House assists guests with medical care, child care, counseling, financial assistance, vocational training, employment, permanent housing and services as needed.

During the month of December 2009, the Business Women of Fayette and Coweta formed a collaboration with Carlos Salon located at 284 Highway 74 N in Peachtree City.  This collaboration entailed the donation of salon services to many of the resident and staff members of the Community Welcome House.

Owner and operator Carlos, along with his lovely wife Julissa, and stylist Julie welcomed Community Welcome House residents and staff members into their salon with open arms and encourage them to not only see the inner beauty, but to enjoy their outer beauty as well.

The ladies of Community Welcome House enjoyed such services as color, cut, and shampoo bowl massages.  This beautiful day of pampering enabled these ladies to envision the courage and hope that they possess to build an amazing future and life.

A huge thanks to Carlos & Julissa for providing this opportunity of beauty, you both truly give from the heart.  Thank you – you make a difference.


The Community Welcome House is a private non-profit program. Our program is sustained by financial and in-kind donations from those that understand and want to stop the violence. Our purpose is to stop the violence. We do this by education to the societal crime of domestic violence. It reaches out into the community. It affects the victim, the family, and the job place. It is a shameful silent crime. By education to the signs of an abusive personality, awareness is raised.

I had the privilege of being invited to be the guest speaker at a meeting to a remarkable group: The Fayette Coweta Business Women.  I understood the ability they had as a group to do good things as I listened to the incredible job they had done in raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer.  Looking around the room, the familiar thought passed through my head, “who here is a victim, has been or knows someone.”  My next thought, what I can say to empower them to understand the importance of what I was going to share with them.  Domestic Violence is not a popular topic. The next few months have been a whirlwind of activity.  We had a trip to Carlos Salon for new hair styles. This included staff and residents.  Then a group was formed to come see our safe-haven. They decided they wanted to do a makeover; new colors, new furniture, new everything.  Our home is a 6500 square foot residence that has seen a lot of minor renovations and it is beginning to show age. This is a big undertaking. This has not stopped them. The plans are progressing. Community Welcome House received the Grants to Green Initiative 2 years ago through the Greater Atlanta Community Foundation and Southface. This will be incorporated in the planning. What else can I say? This group is certainly incredible.

Linda Kirkpatrick
Executive Director
Community Welcome House

artwork_2009aCATTLE BARONS’ BALL

Saturday November 7, 2009

The Business Women of Fayette & Coweta were privileged to be the chocolate sponsors for the 2009 Cattle Barons’ Ball event. With a donation of $2000, The Cattle Barons’ Ball was able to purchase chocolate pieces in the shape of their logo.  These chocolate pieces were 1.5 ounce in weight and were made from delicious, high quality chocolate.  Each attendee received a chocolate piece as a thank you gift.  The remaining pieces were sold for additional funds.  Since BWFC was the chocolate sponsor, each piece was packaged in a clear, cellophane wrapper in which the BWFC logo was imprinted in a gold color.

Members of BWFC also contributed to the success of the Cattle Barons’ Ball through individual business donations to their silent auction.

The Cattle Barons’ Ball (and The American Cancer Society) were not only able to pay for the event’s chocolate pieces, they actually made additional money on the project.  BWFC was recognized in the Cattle Barons’ Ball program as well as a looping slide show that played for the entire evening.  The ad in the program and on the slide show included all the logos from the BWFC businesses that participated.  Most important, the BWFC women that participated gave of their own resources during a difficult time to help an extremely important cause….cancer research and support within the community.

Job well done!


The American Cancer Society greatly appreciates the BWFC Group Support for the American Cancer Society through the Cattle Barons’ Ball!

The 2009 Cattle Barons’ Ball was a success raising $90,000 for the American Cancer Society.  The Barons’ Ball was held on Saturday, November 7th at Dolce-Atlanta Peachtree.  This was the 7th year for the Cattle Barons’ Ball in Fayette County and we are excited to announce that $1 million has been raised throughout this history of this event.  We are grateful to generous sponsors and individuals throughout the community who support this event year after year. The Cattle Barons’ Ball is a western themed event that includes entertainment, dinner, dancing, games, a silent auction and more.

Michelle Blose
Senior Community Manager
American Cancer Society