Andra Prowant to speak on Projecting Vision on December 18th!

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Andra Prowant

We are blessed to have Andra Prowant of Vista 4D Coaching Group speak to us on December 18th at our final BWFC meeting of 2012.  You won’t want to miss this meeting.


I am a Certified Master Life Coach with a niche in Business and Professional Coaching.  My 20 years of experience in sales and business development has greatly enhanced my coaching skills especially in building authentic relationships, providing value, and valuing the needs of my clients.  I love to encourage and employ “out of the box” thinking while providing strategic tools to catalyze growth and increase success.  I am married and have a son, 17 and a daughter 15.  I love family trips to the beach to relax, boating on the lake, or snow skiing in the mountains.  I am a volunteer coach and mentor at Pathway, a faith based resident home for women that desire to be free from life controlling issues and learn the skills to have a successful life.  I believe a personal growth plan is always essential to a healthy, balanced life filled with purpose.

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